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Full G Auto Finance Program

The Full (G) Program – The Best Bad Credit Auto Financing Program in Hooksett & Manchester Area

If you’re looking for a fair, simple way to get approved for a car loan in Manchester, the Full “G” Program at Auto Wholesalers of Hooksett could be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed for customer who are looking to improve their financial situation and get auto financing with bad credit, the Full “G” program is very unique.

What Makes the Full “G” Program Manchester’s best program for customers with bad credit?

We are cosigning your loan: Sick of watching customers go to other dealers and get astronomically high interest rates and exorbitant fees, we partnered with a local credit union who has offered to lend to customers at lower than normal interest rates so long as we cosign the loan, which is exactly what we do. This way, you reap the benefits of lower rates than you would typically qualify for.

You get a lower interest rate than with other subprime banks: Since we are cosigning hundreds of loans for Manchester and Hooksett area customers in this manner, we have negotiated a “volume deal” with our partner credit union. As a result, you get a lower interest rate than you might be expecting. Since we’re cosigning for your loan, we are on the hook for making the payment if you don’t. And we know that one of the reason people fail to make car payments is that they are paying an astronomically high interest rate. Therefore, we have set up this particular subprime auto finance program to include low rates. This helps us be assured our customers will be able to make their payments without a problem.

You get to pick your vehicle: Many bad credit car loan places will try and pick your vehicle for you. For example, they might tell you that there is only 1 vehicle you can qualify for based on the approval the bank has provided. The beauty of our Full “G” program is that we are playing a role in providing the financing, and therefore you get to choose which vehicle you take home. As long as you meet the down payment requirement (25% of the vehicle sales price), you can have pretty much any vehicle you choose!

You’re fully covered with a 5 year & unlimited mileage warranty included with the program: Perhaps you’ve been in situations where your vehicle breaks down, saddling you with the monthly payment and the cost of a repair bill. This is incredibly difficult for most people to afford, which is why we include a long warranty with all of our vehicles that qualify for our Full “G” program. Remember, we are cosigning the loan for you and, therefore, have a vested interest in being sure you can afford the monthly payment… regardless of the circumstances. This is why we include a warranty for you!

You will have GAP insurance as part of your financing program: In the event your vehicle is ever declared a “total loss,” GAP insurance will cover the difference between your vehicle’s value and what you still owe to the credit union. For instance, let’s say your remaining vehicle balance is $4,500 and your vehicle is declared a total loss due to an auto accident. Furthermore, say your insurance company determines the actual cash value to be only $3,500. This produces a “gap” of $1000 for which you would normally be responsible. However, because our Full “G” program comes complete with GAP protection, you would actually have no financial obligation to this vehicle any longer.

Hooksett and Manchester area customers are raving about our auto loan programs for people with poor credit.

Since introducing this program, we have helped thousands of local customers rebuild their credit and get into a car they love and can afford. After making payments on their vehicle for 12-18 months, many customers have been able to refinance for an even lower interest rate because of the positive impact their good payments have had on their overall credit picture. And for us, that’s what it’s all about: helping you improve your life while driving a vehicle you are happy to be paying on.

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